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Bicycle trails on Makarska Riviera

When the combination of powerful nature and cultural-historical heritage come together, we get a region called Dalmatia. And when you ask what makes Dalmatia so special, everyone will answer you - because of the Makarska Riviera! Starting only from the magnificent, craggy mountain Biokovo with the peak of St. Jure, which separates 60 kilometers of beautiful pebble beaches of the Makarska Riviera, hidden in the shade of pine trees, from the vast Dalmatian hinterland with karst fields. Cycling is one of the activities that will take you deeper into the untouched nature and stunning beauty of this destination. If you search even more pronounced, we present you the best bike paths of the Makarska Riviera.


One of the first trails on the Riviera starts from Brela. The starting point of this trail starts from the address Filipinska 1 in the center of the town, and ends in the town of Makarska.

Go along the narrow promenade all the way to Punta rata beach. Along the coast, the path is concreted and the ride takes place along the beach. The path leads all the way to the beach called Jakiruša, and after that you get on the main road and follow the macadam road towards Novaci, where there is an ascent and a macadam road towards the old village of Kričak.

The trail continues along the gravel road next to the Church of St. George and its cemetery, and it runs through the hamlet of Bartulovići towards Topići, continuing further on to Bast.

From the village of Bast, the route continues along a fire trail where caution is needed when going downhill, first to Baškovići, then to Veliko Brdo and eastwards above the village on a new gravel path towards Makar.

Along the edge of the mountain, the trail goes through Mlinice to Kotišina and then along a paved road to Makarska.

From the waterfront promenade in Makarska continue westwards along the footpath from the Plaža restaurant to the Makarska Tennis Centre and then onto a gravel path next to the beach until you reach the point below Kuk where a single track starts in a thick forest leading you to Krvavica.

Here the trail ascends to the paved path towards Bratuš and Promajna, and further on through Baško Polje to Baška Voda on a paved path, finally reaching Brela by road.


The bicycle path "Makarska tour" covers the area around the city of Makarska itself.

The path starts on the Makarska waterfront in the west direction past the famous tourist boats and extends to the end of the town, where the macadam part of the promenade begins right next to the beach to the area of Cvitačka.

Before the stream, turn towards Biokovo, i.e. towards the main road. By moving to the right side, we are already in the surroundings of Sanctuary Vepric, where immediately at the entrance before the stream, the path that follows the stream upstream from the eastern side of the hill branches off to the right.

A single track with two serpentines leads us to the macadam part of the path that leads to the cemetery in Veliko Brdo, then crossing the asphalt road Makarska - Veliko Brdo to the macadam road above the village of Puharići.

Above the hamlet of Batinići, this road joins the concrete road to Makar, where you go to the left by the cemetery into the village and continue along the village road right along the edge of the mountain towards the east to the hamlet of Mlinice.

Past the water source in Mlinice, the macadam road follows a gentle ascent to the village of Kotišina.

From the monument in the village, the path goes along an asphalt road to the Botanical Garden, descending to the church, after which it joins the county road Makarska - Vrgorac.

On an asphalt descent to the junction with the Adriatic highway at the technical inspection station, the trail leads through Osejava along a forest path to the Makarska waterfront, which was also the starting point.


Ascent to the highest peak of the mountain Biokovo Sv. Jure, located at an altitude of 1,762 m above sea level, falls into the category of quite difficult and demanding trails, and you should be well prepared for it.

The average time it takes to reach the top of Sv.Jure is three hours, but everything depends on the physical fitness and age of the cyclist.

Cyclists are recommended to have safe and serviced bicycles with full equipment and additional clothing and shoes, and certainly plenty of fluids.

The length of the track is about 30 km (in one direction!) and runs along the entire area of the Biokovo road, which is 23 km long and is the highest paved road in the Republic of Croatia.

The start of this trail starts in Makarska and goes to Tučepi until entering the Biokovo Nature Park, driving along the road Makarska - Vrgorac (D 512).

The asphalt strip in the Park itself narrows and rises by almost 600 meters in 5 km, which is quite a big climb.

From the Staza pass to Ravna Vlaška, there is about 4 km and 250 meters of ascent, so it is a real adaptation to mountain conditions. After that, via Lađana (1300 m) we reach Vošac (1422 m), which is quite a pleasant ride.

After a little more than 4 km, there is a demanding part of the road to St. George (which is also the second highest peak in Croatia).

While resting in front of the house, don't forget to take a photo of the fantastic view towards the Makarska Riviera and the islands.


The trail starts from the port of Tučepi and along the promenade all the way to the end of the settlement by the sea.

After leaving the beach called Dračevac, climb onto the highway towards Dubrovnik and drive 350 m to the area of ​​Garma, where you again enter the coastal pedestrian section of Plišivac and the town of Podgora.

Passing along the promenade through Podgora, the path reaches the Čaklje cove and turns left across the Jadranska highway to the hamlets of Vruja – Miličići, Jakići, Kržanići.

On a steep macadam road, with steps between the houses, the path reaches an asphalted road that leads through the old Podgora (the former center of the town itself) with many picturesque hamlets along parallel asphalted paths.

Winding through one of the most beautiful parts of Podbiokovlje, we take asphalt road (D 512) to the Vrgorac - Makarska and macadam road through the hamlets of Gornje Tučepi in Makarska, where we enter Osejava through the city center and the waterfront.

After arriving on the macadam, the path goes pleasantly through the forest until entering Tučepi next to the hotel TUI BLUE Jadran, followed by a connection with the promenade all the way to the port of Tučepi.


The trail starts from the TUI BLUE Makarska hotel in Igrane and along the asphalt road towards Živogošće to the hotel TUI BLUE Adriatic Beach.

From the hotel, continue along the main road towards Dubrovnik, 1 km to Mala Duba, then in the village along the coast to the east to Velika Duba and along the foot of Matijaševica hill along the single track coastal path to Blato bay and further through the camp Dole to the main road.

Across the stream, there is an exit to the main road and on the north side of the main road there is a macadam junction towards the hamlet of Strnj (direction west) and further along the old road to the cemetery in Živogošće.

Above the cemetery, the path diverges in the northwest direction and along the fire road above the church of St. Mihovila extends towards the old village of Drašnice, where it descends to the main road near the bus station in Drašnice.

After crossing the Jadranska highway and further through the hamlet of Brskovac, the path descends to the local cemetery, after which it turns to the southeast and passes the local road through Drašnice in the direction of Igrane.

On a macadam road through olive groves, the path reaches the town of Igrane, where it ends at the hotel TUI BLUE Makarska.


The trail starts from Drvenik (from the eastern part of the promenade in Donja Vala) on an asphalted road right next to the sea through Gornja Vala towards Zaostrog.

After only 3 km, you enter the town of Zaostrog on a macadam path about a hundred meters long.

In Zaostrog, the route goes all the way to the Franciscan monastery, which you must visit, and further along the paved road by the sea, it goes through Podaca and Brist along the pebble beaches towards Gradac.

In Gradac, the route climbs on an asphalted road towards Biokovo, passing through local olive groves.

This part of the trail has a slightly steeper climb, so it is recommended that cyclists stop to rest. Not long after that, you turn onto a macadam road that, with slightly less uphill climbs, leads through the old villages of Brist, Podaca, Zaostrog and Drvenik, which exude traditional Dalmatian architecture and many historical buildings and landmarks, the most important of which is the Gradina fortification, at one time the largest fort on the Makarska coast.

On this route, cyclists can stop and refresh themselves with water at two mountain springs, in old Zaostrog and old Drvenik.

Right next to that spring, the paved road begins again, which descends towards the sea and the ferry pier.